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"Dogs of the Abyss"
Origin World: Terminus
Current Homeland: Global
Pantheon: The Abyss
Language: Gnoll

"Twisted and contorted, these howling beasts shall now rip and render the flesh of the Trinariad." - Lussair speaking of the first gnolls he created.

The gnolls are a malicious and savage race of canine beast-men. They are powerful humanoids built with strong bones and powerful muscles. Although they can wield swords and shields, their weapons of choice are their razor sharp fangs and claws as well as a thick row of needle-like hairs that run the length of their spine to ends their tails. These needles have various affects upon the targets depending on the types of poisonous glands of specific gnoll packs. One of the main curses of the gnolls is their ravenous appetite, one that cannot be satiated. This along with the rabid madness bestowed by the goddess of madness, Belfagora, has created a horde of predators that has been known to devour entire villages overnight.

Most gnolls are of average human intelligence, but are consumed by rage and madness. However, there are some among the pack that are not as mad and retain greater intelligence as well as powers passed down from a long lost human origin. These superior gnolls are the casters, healers and leaders of the pack.

The Gnolls are a blight of canine beast-men across the continent of Celestius. These hairy carnivorous creatures were a creation of the arch-nemesis of the Trinariad pantheon, the devil called Lussair. Lussair is the prime antagonist of the Briggaen pantheon and corrupter of humans. When they merged with the Maratan and the Platocian pantheons to create the Trinariad, Lussair was quick to form an alliance with the Maratan Goddess of Madness, Belfagora. Together they plotted to shatter the new alliance of human pantheons. Among their sinister ideas was to create a rabid race of wolf-men to act as a scourge upon the human lands and their allies. To achieve this, Lussair fooled a village of humans of ancient Kingsreach into making a blood pact with him in exchange for all the wealth of the land. But that wealth would not be one of gold and harvest, but one of flesh and bone. In a torturous transformation, the greedy folk were turned into the first pack of violent and ravenous gnolls. Set loose upon the realms of their former kin, these gnolls soon became a great threat that could not be contained to Kingsreach.

Having spread throughout the continent of Celestius, new breeds of gnolls have appeared to create unique packs, each evolved to survive within the realm they now dwell within.

Gnoll Packs

Symbol: Black flame with a white paw in the middle
Location: Kingsreach
Leader: Deathmange
Variant: Rotted Fur and Mange. Branded with an evil "pentagram"
The first pack to be created, the Netherclaws are powerful minions of evil. They have a close affinity to dark magic and have willfully accepted the scars that come along with such vile acts. Their fur is coarse,dark and appears in spotted condition due to extreme mange. Having been branded with runes of death, the Netherclaws have hints of rot and decay upon their bodies. Scars and missing flesh are the results of a multitude of battles and horrific dark rituals that they perform in service to the evil gods Lussair and Belfagora. Being the alpha pack, they are considered the strongest of all gnolls who are revered and feared by all others.

Symbol: Single bolt of lightning going from right to left, middle is a wolf paw.
Location: Plains of Triundia
Leader: Split-tooth
Variant: Gnoll Spotted
Living in the extremely stormy zone of the Plains of Triundia, the Bristlefur' shaggy fur protects them from their violent environment while giving them an edge of camouflage. They are reputable foes due to their massive numbers, stealth abilities, and keen sense of smell to track down prey or the unfortunate traveler. They go to great lengths in protecting their territories, often fighting in a blood-frenzy. Though they seem mindless, they do adhere to a strict pack leadership.
The current leader of the Bristlefurs is the menacing Split-tooth, who came to power after ripping his brother's throat out during a struggle for power. He is known for his aggressive nature and cutthroat rule that has lead the Bristlefurs into becoming a foe who no one wants to cross.

Symbol: Black wolf paw making ragged claw marks on a field of white.
Location: Icehammer Steppes
Leader: Saberclaw
Variant: Gnoll Arctic
The Ravagepaws have adapted well to their harsh, frigid environment of the Icehammer Steppes by growing thick fur that is often pure white or an off shade and having large, wide paws to help in walking on deep snow. They are highly skilled, nomadic trackers that often travel great distances following the wild herds across the snowy wastes. Because of this, the Ravagepaws rarely settle down more than a few days before continuing their great hunt. They are led by the stout and rugged Saberclaw, a stern gnoll who does not anger easily but one that should not be messed with.

Symbol: Swirly paw print as though drawn in sand.
Location: Desert of A'Moka
Leader: Gnawhide
Variant: Gnoll Bald
The Wildclaws of the Desert of A'Moka are often mistaken for being hairless as their fur is very fine and light which allows them to keep cool in the unforgiving heat. With unmatched tactical skills and patience, the Wildclaws are ambush predators and arguably one of the more intelligent of gnollkind. They have a highly sophisticated system of scouts, ambushers, and warriors. Most wandering travelers are unaware of their presence until it's too late. They are also skilled in illusion magic to confuse their enemies. Gnawhide, an aged gnoll with impressive magical abilities, leads the Wildclaws. Though he might be advanced in age, he is still incredibly dangerous to both novice and veteran adventurers alike.

Symbol: A golden coin with a single white tooth in the middle.
Location: The Bloodflow
Leader: Bloodpaw
Variant: Gnoll Pirate
Living on the tropical isles in the Bloodflow Sea, the Sharpfangs are the most cunning and wily of all gnolls, untrustworthy even among their pack. Seen more as a nuisance than an enemy that needs to be eliminated, the Sharpfangs enjoy the clink of gold instead of the taste of flesh and blood that drives the rest of gnollkind. They're also somewhat less aggressive in nature, often resorting to negotiations when dealing with prisoners or exchanges. Though they do prefer a diplomatic approach, they should not be considered feeble or any less dangerous. They are masters of the sword and spear, learning their martial art from their numerous battles with their hated enemies, the goblins. Travelers should take heed in not becoming ensnared in one of the many traps set up in the lush tropical rainforest by the Sharpfangs. The Sharpfangs are led by an ambitious and charismatic young female gnoll named Bloodpaw, the daughter of the previous leader Specklecoat.

Symbol: Black wolf head on a field of green.
Location: The Blackwoods
Leader: Goremaw
Variant: Gnoll Black
Deep within the enchanted forest of Blackwood lives the elusive, tree dwelling gnoll pack called the Blacktails. Having withstood the desolation of the emerald forest by the dragon armies of Skyfen, the Blacktails' numbers dwindled to a fraction of what they once were. What remains is considered the most formidable pack that ever lived. Calling the charred husks of the titanic trees home, the Blacktails are never more of a threat than in the trees as they use their superior agility and swiftness to leap from branch to branch, swing from vines, and slide against the moss covered trees like a massive traveling network. They are notable assassins and deadly marksmen with the ability to put an arrow through an owlbear's eye a hundred of yards away. They use an assortment of poisons to tip their arrows-- paralyzing, necrotic, to deadly, which has made them hated enemies of the fairy folk as well as the newcomers, the halflings. They care not for the invaders in their home, believing any sentient creature a threat to their homes and livelihood after the attack from the dragons. The current pack leader of the Blacktails is the one-eyed sharpshooter, Goremaw. Though having been blinded in his left eye by one of the fairy folk, Goremaw is still the best and deadliest of the Blacktail marksman with the ability to hit targets well over a hundred yards. He is also the most accomplished when it comes to crafting poisons, creating some that not even the Etryan know how to cure.

A Gnoll Fable
April 15, 2014 - 1:50 PM by Keeper Rapha

A Man and His Pack or The Demon and The Wolf

There was a farmer who tended sheep. He wasn't very good at it because he was lazy. He didn't care if they got lost or, worse yet, carried off by one of the wolves he would hear at night. (Those wolves liked to eat their sheep!) He was perfectly content to sleep in the grass all day and night for it kept him from his farmhouse. Oh the house itself wasn't so bad. His wife and children were pretty okay too. It was those lazy relatives that lived with him who drove him crazy! (How he could not see his own laziness is beyond me!)

Well day and night this farmer, Lucius, would be on the hills of Kingsreach with nothing to do but sleep and think (mostly sleep though). Sometimes he ate when his youngest daughter, Katherine, brought him food. She was the only one of his lot who did any kind of real labor. Eat. Sleep. Think. That was his life. For most men, thinking is a good and profitable thing. For a lazy man it can be a bad and dangerous thing. He began to think about the city he could see in the distance. The city of Archway. During the day the sounds of bustling activity would reach his ears. At night the lights would dance along as they reached his eyes. As I said before, thinking can be dangerous for a lazy man, and his became some of the most dangerous of them all.

He began to resent the city and the riches he perceived them to have. (being a poor and lazy farmer from a poor and lazy family, he had never actually ventured into the city). "Why must I work so hard and put up with such a lazy family while they eat, drink, and be merry!?" he thought. "There must be a way for me to have riches as well! I will find away!" And that is what he did.

Now Lucius became so full of hate (and had thought way too much for a lazy man!). He remembered stories his lazy father had told him about a distant relative who had struck it rich by striking a deal with the devil. Not caring whom he had to make a deal with, this lazy man worked for the first time in his life and found the answer he was looking for.(No! This is a story for children. I will not tell you how he did it!)

The ritual was less than pleasant. Lucius didn't care, for he was being driven by hate.(Nasty business hate is!). What happened next made him think maybe he had used the wrong type of toad or the wrong end of a Bogwash eel. (Again, nasty business that is!). Before him stood a deceivingly beautiful woman. Her slight build was clothed in a simple emerald green dress with threads of gold and silver throughout. Her eyes were of the same color enhanced by her pale skin. Waves of black hair fell across her back. Her melodic voice brought Lucius back to himself. "My name is Belfagora. What is it you have summoned me for, Dear One?"

Thinking (dangerous thing for a lazy man!) he had summoned an angel instead of a demon,Lucius kept his response short. "I have seen the way other men live, O Great One, and wish to have riches beyond any they have ever seen!"

Seeing the laziness and greed in his heart, Belfagora was inclined to grant his request. "Very well then, but your task will not be easy. Are you prepared to do as I say?" With greed in his eyes this lazy farmer agreed. He went about finding his fattest, most burly sheep. (one that wasn't taken by wolves). Next he went about gathering all his lazy family (which included uncles, cousins, nephews, and even some lazy friends who had stopped by the week before and never left). Only his daughter, Katherine, was missing. She was working hard in the field gathering wheat.

The lazy people all gathered around the beautiful demon to await further instruction. Lucius walked forward with the sheep in his arms. In her most melodic voice, Belfagora gave her instructions. "Kill and eat. Do this and you will have riches beyond your wildest dreams. Each and every one of you." After only a moment's hesitation the lazy family did as she said. Now what happens next, children, should be a lesson to you all. Those greedy, lazy people listened to that devil. They ate that sheep raw! (Nasty business indeed!). They ate until there was nothing left.

Well, if you remember there was one member of the family who worked hard. Harder than she should have with all those family members around. Katherine was her name (in case you forgot). She had just come in from the fields with a wagon full of wheat. What she saw next was something I hope you never have to see. What she saw were wolves with faces and paws all bloody like after a fresh kill, and them surrounding a laughing, hairy hag with a green devil's tail. These wolves were almost man-like. They were standing on two legs and almost had a human look in their eyes. The strangest part of all was the clothes they were wearing!

Now Katherine, being the hard worker she was, thought in a good and profitable way. She took just one moment to think that being with a pack of these wolf-men was not a place she wanted to be. She turned the wagon right around as fast as she could and never came back! She eventually found herself a hard-working husband and started a family of hard-working children. She would often wonder about the strange pack of wolf-men (or gnolls as they would eventually be known as) and what had become of her lazy family. Some said they finally found their riches somewhere in the vast wilderness. Others said their lazy selves were eaten by that pack of gnolls. Katherine always believed and would tell this tale to her children of her family ( and some friends, too) who made a pact with a demon for riches they did not understand. For they became the bloodthirsty gnolls who own and rule the vast wilds of this land.

So, Dear Ones, may this story be a lesson to you. Be careful what you ask for from a demon. Also, be a hard worker, but if you can't....then please DON'T THINK! You never know when they will need more gnolls.

-Old Briggean Farm Fable

Imago's Luck
April 10, 2014 - 2:56 PM by Keeper Rapha

This is the final story in a series of stories about a Thief, A Trove Lord, An Ethosian, and the Chaos Anvil that ties them together...

Finding the temple of A'Naza easily was never in Rivon's plans. Rumored only to exist in the minds of the Ethosians, the temple of the Goddess of Death has never been viewed by outsiders before. At least not that Rivon knows of - and one way or another, eventually the Imago hears everything.

As he finds himself standing in the shadows of the looming towers while night descends on the desert, he asks himself a question he's never had to before.

"Isn't this too easy?" Once whispered into the air, the wind snatches the words away as if he never said them at all. Though his head and heart know, a chill slowly creeps up his back and confirms that someone indeed has led him to his destination.

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, and this is just another hurdle. A gem of the planes is the perfect incentive. Rivon twists his head from side to side, light popping noises suddenly very loud in the silence of the dunes. He grins as the towers nestled before him attempt to shift out of his sight. With his destination now in sight, it can't disappear anymore.

"Two can play at this game." He murmurs to whomever might be listening, but most of all just to himself. Attuned to the planar and dimensional energies, he can see the strings tying the place of death worship to both planes, and on another level, to A'Moka, the god who commands the sands.

Being expected and led to this point, doesn't mean he has to oblige his hosts. But no one said he couldn't take advantage of their stupidity in getting him this far. Slowly, with far more caution than normal, Rivon weaves through to the temple. Instead of the straight path he might take when not expected, this is an intricate spider's web of planar shifts - staying in the dimensional pocket for just long enough that anyone tracking him will lose his place.

Finally, he arrives inside the temple and though a little more out of breath than usual, adrenaline courses through his veins and makes any approaching exhaustion retreat.

It only takes a moment for his planar vision to compensate for what his normal Do'Etryan mind can't comprehend. Threads of existence cut short, intertwined, exiled and executed - flow through the air. Some meet and meld, others clash and consume. Overall - the dominant always wins, the goddess is always triumphant, and the worship she is afforded increases.

For just a moment, Rivon wonders if maybe this time he's overstepped. Such thoughts aren't becoming though, and the planes tug at him once more to use them, to give into the sweet sensation that traveling them provides and the thought of the gem wins him over once more.

The temple, from everything he can divine through his resources, isn't occupied. It's guarded by the sands, with some minor apprentices and lower level adepts scattered throughout to guard things and corpses beneath his notice - but the vaults - aren't occupied.

A blur dashes across his sight. Startled, Rivon drops the planar connection for a moment, shaking his head. It's not his sight playing tricks. Someone is definitely there. They're waiting for him to make his move, what they're sure will be the wrong one. If he's not mistaken, everything before him is staged - just for his benefit.

Energy begins to course through him, the Chaos Anvil's location is everything including a trap. Opponents have tried to ensnare him before and none have succeeded - perhaps this is where the Imago will end. Rivon laughs, not even deigning to contain the sound. "It's never a good day to die," he whispers, not caring that the trap can hear him.

The anvil glistens in all its ugly glory. Seriously - powerful though they may be, gnomes have a gaudy sense of decoration and fashion. Imago glances around, fully settled into the persona he needs to do his best work.

Scanning the surrounds brings up nothing. No webs. No lines. Nothing to cut because there is no one there. And yet, his gut tells him otherwise. Where his sight has never failed him before, Imago knows that this time someone is messing with him, the planes, and the energy. It's almost like a personal affront.

Trap or no trap, the Chaos Anvil won't retrieve itself. Imago shakes his head, clearing out unnecessary thoughts, manifests both his daggers and steps out of the shadows. For a few seconds it's like his gut was wrong. He crosses in another flash of shadows to the Chaos Anvil and just as he's about to lift it, he senses what he knew all along.

"Imago." It's a statement in a feminine voice so smooth it briefly stops him in his tracks.

"You've met me then." He quips, mind racing to figure out his next step. Fighting a priestess really wasn't in his battle plan.

Her perfect mouth lifts briefly at one side - a sort of smile-smirk. "I am Hatesu, and I'm afraid I can't let you have that anvil."

Imago sighs deeply, fingers running along the back of his blades as they shift themselves with his movement, sensing his inner conflict. He almost gives it away, almost smiles with pity at her, but instead keeps his discovery to himself and answers glibly instead. "I'm afraid you don't really have a choice in the matter."

Hatesu blinks at him, drawing her staff up before her - gaze suddenly wary. As if she didn't expect him to continue his theft once he saw her. "You can't take that!" Though her voice raises in volume, her countenance remains composed.

He almost feels sorry for her, but that's not in Imago's nature. Seeing her ties to her power is though. Whatever hid her from his sight before, can no longer do so now she's visible to him. With barely a thought he manifests a throwing dagger, pegging it directly on the line of power she uses to communicate with her goddess. Ignoring the sudden agony in her expression, Imago severs each tie with all of her natural abilities.

Luring him in. Preparing the room as if it was a trap that could catch him. Hiding from him behind the power of a goddess. Imago doesn't get angry, just irritated. And he doesn't have time to mess with those who attempt to outsmart him.

Grabbing the anvil, surprised at its weight only for a moment, he glances at the incapacitated High Priestess. "You'll be able to move once I'm gone."

And he steps into his planes, soaking up their energy to aid him in flight.


The anvil suits the Trove Lord as it sits at his feet, that grimace on the frozen face almost laughs at them all. Imago resists the urge to mop sweat from his forehead as his energy fails fast while the Trove Lord rummages through his horde of things to find the prize he promised the Imago.

"Ahah!" The Arch Vizier proclaims. "Found it!"
Are you sure?
Well a deal is a deal, right?

"Of course we're sure!"

The gnome stands on his toes, lightening crackling through his eyes, leaping through his eyebrows to the rest of his hair and beard until it fizzles out just as the small man begins to speak. "Once your skin touches it, you will be attuned. This is yours, and only ever yours."

Rivon nods. "Anything else?"

"No. No. Get out."
You heard what he said.
Get Out! Get Out!
Begone Imago!

"Damned gnomes." Imago murmurs as he lets the folds of the planes take him back home.


Rivon stumbles through his usual opening, haphazardly controlling his own movements. The planes call louder to him, and louder still. Like it's leaking into his blood and burning him from the inside out.

Then, it clicks.

How could he have not realized it before?

In the arrogance personified he becomes when he dons the Imago, he did't realize. Though the priestess wasn't prepared for him - the Anvil had been.

As if his realization is a trigger, the Ethosian curse accelerates. The planes seep through his skin, seeking parts of him as yet unclaimed, wanting his mind, wanting him to come to them and never leave.

Fumbling, he retrieves the gem from the velvet pouch that the gnome gave to him. It glistens red, like blood. Rivon cradles the cool surface against his forehead, his cheeks and finally just cups it in his hands, cradling the glow. Sensations sweep through him as the entwining fibers are ripped away. He watches, panting, as the gem absorbs the encroaching madness and keeps it at bay.

He finally collapses against the cushions on his bed, and lays gasping up at the ceiling, clutching his gem of the planes close to him.

Lucky. This time, he was very lucky.

There can't ever be a next time.

As You Wish
April 3, 2014 - 11:18 AM by Keeper Rapha

This is the third story in a series of stories about a Thief, A Trove Lord, An Ethosian, and the Chaos Anvil that ties them together...

Ethosians are difficult to find, mostly because they keep to themselves. By the same extension, anything they choose to acquire - is also hidden by the sands. In the city of Mirage, not everything is as it seems, but everything is as the Ethosians devise it to be.

The staff's head glistens in the sunlight. Its jewels paint a kaleidoscope of color onto the hot, white sand. Hatesu's grip is gentle but firm as she closes her eyes to hear the word of A'Naza - the Ethosian Goddess of the Gates. They flow into her mind, a caressing whisper of power meant only for the Goddess' High Priestess.

They seek the Anvil

"They won't find the Anvil, Mistress." Hatesu bows her head in the direction of the temple as the sun beats down, sinking into her darkly bronzed skin.

Will you guarantee this, Hatesu?

The warning tone in her Goddess' voice barely gives the Priestess a moment's pause. "I will guard the Anvil with my life."

Don't throw your life away, my child. It is enough that you will fight to keep what was never truly ours to begin with. Do your best, as you always do.

Hatesu chuckles at the wry amusement in A'Naza's voice. Her headdress, while modest for a High Priestess, jingles as the gold set gems clash lightly against each other. "As you wish, Mistress." She murmurs this last aloud, loving the feel of the words on her tongue. Becoming a High Priestess was all she'd ever dreamed of, and she'd be damned if some thief-scum was going to get the better of her.

Hatesu, do not take this lightly. We do not face the gnomes. You will face the Imago.

"Imago?" the warm breeze blowing through the Ethosian city suddenly sends a chill through her body. "No one has seen him in action. I assumed he was myth."

Assumptions are not made by the wise, my dear. Be wary of such a conceit.

It's rare for A'Naza to chastise her. The reprimand stings Hatesu as surely as a slap. "I will prepare, Mistress."

See that you do. Ready the temple's defenses and keep the Chaos Anvil if you can.

Nodding, Hatesu turns to the right and cocks her head slightly. A squint of her eyes allows her to glimpse the peak of the temple's towers through the shifting sands. Those who aren't aware of the dangerous properties of the desert fall prey to its treachourous nature. The Priestess grins to herself. They fall prey to A'Naza's brother, A'Moka. For he is the one who commands the sands and protects the people of Ethosia.

The path to the temple of A'Naza is an easy one, if you happen to be her High Priestess. It never seems to take Hatesu longer than she wishes to spend on the journey. Another perk of serving her Mistress.

For any normal person...or gnome, finding the Chaos Anvil should prove near impossible. And yet, if Imago is truly sent by the gnomes, Hatesu is fully aware that the thief is far from normal. Tapping into the Chaos Anvil lessens the Ethosian need for ritual to focus the power needed to help send the Ethosian dead through to U'Siri's eternal garden paradise. The rituals still exist, and the power is there to be used, but having it permanently on tap is such a convenience.

Hatesu traces an impeccable fingernail down the surface of the faintly glowing runed anvil head. It's really quite ugly, and the face etched onto the front is a daily reminder that it's not of Ethosian origin. The reminder chafes.

It won't do to be found with the anvil and lead the thief directly to it. With one last look at the stolen treasure, Hatesu heads back to the great hall of the temple. Majestic columns lead up to her seat. She refuses to call it a throne, because a Priestess is not a Queen, and a High Priestess is simply so much more.

The high backed chair with the subtle gold filigree isn't comfortable, but it's not meant to be lounged in. It's meant for appearances and ceremony. And for this moment - this time of waiting for a thief to come.


"Yes, Mistress?" Her breath catches faintly with surprise and she waits for direction.

If he is as wily as the legends have it - be wary. Do not put yourself in harm's way.

Hatesu nods. "Definitely, Mistress." She can't help but shake the slight relief, despite her big words earlier.

Oh and Hatesu. If he does succeed - make sure he never forgets the moment.

The High Priestess raises her gaze to rest upon the Gnoll-like face of her goddess' statue and grins. A cold rush of air suffuses the room for a split second as a sliver of laughter escapes her usual composure. "As you wish, Mistress. As you wish."

With This Blood
March 27, 2014 - 11:14 AM by Keeper Rapha

This is the second story in a series of stories about a Thief, A Trove Lord, An Ethosian, and the Chaos Anvil that ties them together...

The Imago didn't choose his name. He didn't even choose his line of work. Being a rogue was part of the family heritage, but becoming a planestalker blindsided him. As far back as he can remember, the planes called to him, coaxing him into their shadows and suffusing him with planar energy. So much, in fact, that he has become the echo people purport him to be. Imago suits him. When his name is spoken it shifts through and filters back to him.

Gnomes guard their territories, indeed most things they do, very jealously. It makes infiltrating their domain all that more fun. Imago perches relatively high, out of the eyesight of most gnomes. The Arch Vizier has been scrying, stretching his abilities and begging the planes to locate Imago, but silence greets the wizened gnome and the thief takes specific pleasure in that fact.

The Trove Lord thinks his people are secret, hidden from the world, but Imago sees everything. Through the fabric of the planes and the energy that lets him weave in and out, he knows the true nature of the magic entwined in the very being of the gnomes. Just a tug on those connections can send a gnome's (or anyone's for that matter), entire being off balance.

Imago squints in just the right way as the diminutive Lord stomps his feet once more at his failure to locate the thief. The thief watches the quasi gnomish god for a few moments, narrowing his eyes to seek the planar shifts throughout the room. A shimmer lets Imago know just what to do to disable Meshka's defensive capabilities - at least for a few seconds - because that's all he'll need.

The thief breathes deep, and closes his eyes to shift momentarily through the planar dimension. As always he fights the momentary compulsion to simply give in and drift away, drunk on the power. With sheer will, he forces himself to focus on his task, on his target.

In the blink of an eye the Trove Lord stumbles, finding it difficult to catch his breath. To a mind untrained by a planestalker master, the Imago appears as if out of thin air. The Trove Lord gasps, reaching, in vain for the time being, for his defensive shields, to attack - to follow his instinct and protect his magical secrets.

"You've been seeking me." Imago's voice holds a lilt, somewhat foreign. His frame is sleek and lithe, even though with the Trove Lord temporarily cut off from his magical sight the thief appears to blend in and out of the walls. If he'd been less arrogant he would see the telltale white as Imago pushes a stray hair under his hood, behind a curved and pointed ear only momentarily visible.

The advantage is gone now but leaves the gnome wary as he rights himself, nose pointed to the air with feigned affront and pride. "How do I know you're who I've been searching for?" His arrogant tone spills through the conversations in his head. Voices so loud even Imago can glean them.

But you know he's untrustworthy
He is a thief
We need a thief
He's stolen from us!

That's the point, if he can steal from us, he can steal from them
Good point
Valid point
Be wary, once a thief, always a... oh the point

Yes, the point. Hire a thief to steal back what is ours
Excellent idea

Imago waits with a patience brought on by amusement while the Arch Vizier finishes his own conversation, before speaking. "Really?" Is all he says, and waits for another spell until the gnome reluctantly glares at him.

Finally the Trove Lord quiets, the murmuring put to rest as he uses magical sight to check, to make sure that Imago is truly who he claims to be. "Then you know why I've summoned you?"

Imago ignores the arrogant assertion that anyone summoned him, and resists the urge to chastise the gnome. "I heard your call." Is all the answer he gives for now, concentrating on the planar energy boosting his presence, fingering the weapons slowly manifesting and dissipating in his hands. They're always ready to protect at his command.

"Then you know what we want?" The gnome blinks his sparking eyes, and Imago wonders, for a moment, if maybe the bushy eyebrows will catch on fire. He waits patiently while the Trove Lord converses with himself, yet again. After all - can't be rude to a client.

We want the Anvil
We need the Anvil

He's the only one who can retrieve it
You say that with such certainty
For I am certain!
Well, why didn't you say so

When silence descends, he waits for a few moments before meeting those mad little eyes and addressing the gnome directly. "Arch Vizier, Trove Lord, Meshka Shovlins - tell me - If I reclaim what the Ethosians stole from you so long ago, what, pray tell, is in it for me?"

Because really, a thief, is a thief, is a thief - and thieves have to profit. Regardless of how challenging something might be, profit is tantamount.

The gnome grins, his thin lips almost disappearing as a few sparks fly from his eyes. "My Trove guards things you can use, legends of our making." He shakes his head, somehow inwardly glaring. "If you retrieve the Chaos Anvil, you will be rewarded with a gem of the planes."

Barely even a flicker of Imago's eyelashes betrays his interest in the prize, but his mind moves quickly. A gem of the planes is a legend, sought after by all master planeswalkers. Such a gem protects the bearer from succumbing to the lure of giving themselves over to the planar energy. As strong as Imago likes to think he is, such a gem is a worthy price. The bargain must be struck.

But if the gnome was waiting for a gasp of surprise, he's disappointed. Though no one can see it, Imago smiles beneath the mask that conceals all but his eyes. Quicker than the mind can process, he manifests a planar dagger and draws a point of blood from the gnome who yelps in pain. "With your blood I claim this deal."

Just as quick as he arrived, Imago steps into the lulling planes and leaves the Trove Lord spluttering behind him.


Why the gnomes have to live so far from the Falmyrys, Imago will never understand. By the time he arrives back in his quarters surrounded by the ancient tree's roots in Urrumithya, he knows he's running very short on time. Stripping off the layers of clothing that keep the chill of shifting dimensions at bay, he stores the blood shard of the planes where he keeps all his deals. Blood is powerful, blood is dark - and always binding.

He can feel the tingle of the planes always in the back of his head. They whisper to him, warn him... just like now. Just as he tosses the mask behind his bed, there's a knock at the door.

"Rivon? Are you in there?"

"Coming." He calls, careful not to sound harried, but the door opens before he reaches it and his father's pale blue face stares at him taking in his attire.

"Must you laze around all morning?" The older Do'Etryan asks. "Your mother is far too indulgent. Finish getting dressed. We're expected at the audiences today."

"Sorry, Father." Rivon bows his head briefly in a sign of deference and respect. The song of the planes still plays in his head, tugging at his consciousness and begging him to come and play. His father is a royal bodyguard, in a long line of them, in whose footsteps Rivon is meant to follow - he's not sure how to tell him what he really is.

The Trove Lord
March 20, 2014 - 9:52 PM by Keeper Rapha

This is the first story in a series of stories about a Thief, A Trove Lord, An Ethosian, and the Chaos Anvil that ties them together...

The Trove Lord

The problem with gnomes isn't their deceptively diminutive stature, nor their whacky chain of command or fearsome grasp of power - it's the voices. Those that plague the overly intelligent race with a constant barrage of juxtaposing
views just to make sure they've considered everything. To be fair, they are their own voices that they hear.

There are side-effects,of course. One of which is the muttering. When close to a group of gnomes, there's a constant murmur surrounding them everywhere they go.

Arch Vizier, Trove Lord, Meshka Shovlins isn't prone to paying attention to anyone or anything but his current obsession. Other's voices don't bother him, he's only concerned with those conversations in his head. And that dratted Anvil
that should be complementing his Trove. After all, what use was being a Trove Lord if you didn't collect the best and brightest magical creations of the gnome race? Those scummy Ethosians stole the Chaos Anvil from the gnomes during their greatest mutual war more than a hundred years ago.

His eyes blink furiously, as if he's trying to save them from drowning in the thickness of the eyebrows above them. The glint through his eyes shoots blue fire,like magic is leaking through because his body can't quite contain it. He
checks himself, winding his long beard around his right forearm and curses that he left his hat back in his office. The bald spot on his head is already smarting at the fresh air of the open cavern.

"Oh,I know where it is." He mumbles dismissively to himself, his scowl makes thin lips disappear into the bushy mustache that completes his facial hair. "And how do you suggest we get past Ethosian gods to raid their temple?" Sarcasm scatters from him in the tiny bits of spittle that fly through the air as his disdain at the dissenting voice makes itself known.

"An Outsider..."His voice begins to crescendo on the last syllable, and gnomes passing through the cavern cross to the other side. They've seen some of the Arch Vizier's outbursts. Can't be too careful now.

Just as suddenly though, the Trove Lord smiles. "Really?" he asks the air, which apparently answers him because the smile spreads to become a jovial chuckle. The mad twinkle in his eye sparks again, and the tension in the cavern lessens.

"Hmmm that outsider." He mutters, once again deep in discussion with himself, but this time his stride is purposeful, intent on reaching his office. "He's stolen from us. He's stolen from them. Nothing is sacred to him. What is his price to steal for us this time?"

Meshka slams the door to his elaborate chambers behind him and wades through what might appear to be refuse to a more mundane a person. His fragmented mind knows exactly where to look. The tome he retrieves after rifling through several piles of carefully balanced, leather-bound books is thick and dusty. Its pages are yellowing despite spells trying to coax them to do otherwise.

"This is it." There's a tone of reverence in his voice this time. No gnome alive would recognize it, but deep in his mind Meshka actually reveres the magic with which he works - at least in a weird and twisted way. The power, you see, is extremely lucky he exists to wield it.

The room is filled with the rustling of pages for a few moments as he leafs through the tome. All of a sudden his eyes crackle with that mad tinge once more, and the tufts of hair around the sides of his head stand out on end. "You
think you're so clever, Imago. You might evade the rest of Terminus' weak and powerless courts, but you'll never be able to hide from me! You will retrieve the Chaos Anvil, and we will settle our score."

Taurokian War Chant
March 13, 2014 - 4:14 PM by Keeper Rapha

Boom...Boom...Boom. Sounds of war drums mixed with the thump...thump...thump of the terrified hearts of Archway. The savage war cries pierced the resolve of those souls still in the city. The thunder of hooves surrounded them. It was as if the sky above and lands below opened to spew forth the brutal beasts. The Taurokians. They were coming. The bravest defenders wanted to flee at their arrival. They stood their ground. They prayed to their gods. They waited as the war cries echoed and the drums sounded. Boom...Boom...Boom.

The Cosmos of Terminus
March 12, 2014 - 4:27 PM by Keeper Rapha

Dear Applicant,

Welcome to the Platocian Astronomy League. We appreciate your interest in "our world beyond the stars." The Platocian Astronomy League (or PAL) is a group of highly intellectual individuals dedicated to the study of heavenly bodies found within the Terminus world. If you wish to join you must pass a series of exams and interviews concerning different aspects of the cosmos. Please memorize the included information for your first meeting with us to determine your compatibility with The League. As always, please direct all correspondence to your local PAL branch where it will be delivered safely to our main planetarium stationed in The Bloodflow.

The Platocian Astronomy League of Celestius
Bloodflow Division

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Cat's Tail Part II (Pantheon)
March 6, 2014 - 2:16 PM by Keeper Rapha

Sitting on a wooden shelf, one of many in the shop called Herdenstone's Discounted Potions and Half Priced Alchemic Supplies, Kittywampus's tail swayed back and forth like a pendulum. His left paw hovered near a teardrop shaped bottle sitting in front of him, gently tapping at it, and nudging it ever so closer towards a most perilous doom.


Kittywampus immediately froze and looked up. With squinted gray eyes and a face very similar in appearance to a wrinkled leather rag, Old Apothecary Herdenstone was glaring at Kittywampus as he stood slightly hunched over, crushing herds in a wooden mortar.

"Don't you dare knock that bottle over." Herdenstone warned. Caught in the act, Kittywampus resorted to his only defense -- flopping down on his side and looking as cute as he possibly could. "Oh don't give me that. You know good and well that those bottles aren't to be messed with. You've already broken four this week alone!" Kittywampus rubbed his cheek against the shelf, rolling onto his back with the medallion resting on his belly. "And watch where you drag that thing. It alone has broken two of my good crystal bottles. I don't need anymore of those broken."

Kittywampus blinked slowly, looking at the old apothecary from upside down. Old Apothecary Herdenstone rolled his eyes then went back to crushing herbs. Earlier in the week, he attempted to remove the dangling new piece of jewelry from around Kittywampus's neck which Kittywampus responded in kind by biting and clawing the old man's hands. The old man, in his kind response, let out a swarm of colorful words that would make even the filthiest of pirates turn scarlet. He almost ran Kittywampus out of the shop but Kittywampus did keep the rats away. A fairly decent trade off for being bitten and scratched.

As Kittywampus continued to rub his cheek against the shelf, the door to the shop flung open and two dwarves with faces that looked like horribly gone wrong sculpting jobs, barged in.

"Where's the rest of the coin, old man?" Demanded one of the dwarves with a crooked nose.

"Coin? But I've already given Raftmay my dues for this month." Herdenstone responded in a shaky voice.

"And you came up short. Now where's the rest?"

"Look, I don't have anymore. I gave him all that I had!"

The second dwarf, who looked more like a scarecrow than a dwarf, snatched Herdenstone by the front of his shirt and jerked him forward over the counter. Kittywampus jumped to his feet in fright.

"Listen, old man. Raftmay is doin' you a favor by sendin' only us. You see, he likes you but he demands the rest of his money."

"I told you. I don't have anymore money. If I did, I would give it to you."

"Aw, that's a right shame because you see, my buddy and I, we came here specifically for --"

"Concentrated brumblefin fish oil, please."

The two dwarves and the slightly irked old man looked at one another, not knowing who had just spoken but Kittywampus saw the one who did. Standing beside the counter, the gnome was teeny in size compared to the others but that's normally how gnomes are. He had dark blue hair flowing loosely with streaks of white and eyes that was the bluest shade of blue that was ever blue. He wore a mixture of boiled leather and fabric dyed in a rich purple hue with two tiny scabbards hanging from his belt.

"And preferably the batragophogus kind because let's just say you don't want the non-batragophogus. Ha ha! Hilariously violent reactions but very tedious to clean up." The tiny man laughed.

"What do you think you're doing, gnome?" The crooked nosed dwarf asked. The blue haired man glanced up. His eyes twinkling.

"Buying concentrated brumblefin fish oil. What else do you think I'm doing?"

"We're in the middle of a conversation."

"Conversation? I don't recall having a conversation with you." The crooked nosed dwarf blinked in response. "Oh you dear thing. You look so lost. But it'll be okay. All minds go at a certain age." The dwarf didn't know what to say. "But back to what I came here for." The gnome turned for Herdenstone. "Concentrated bumblefin fish oil, please."

Kittywampus saw rage grow on both of the dwarves as their faces screwed.

"Listen here, toadstool. You don't know who you're messing with. We're--" But like a clap of thunder, the gnome turned quickly on the second dwarf. Eyes cracking like lightning.

"My name is Frin Krakerspatch. And I would greatly appreciate it if you would use it if you wish to intimidate me." He snapped. Both dwarves blinked in their disbelief.

At this moment, it should be noted that anyone standing in the shop would pay heed to the disagreement going on at the front of the store. Listening intentively if should a fight break out but not for Kittywampus, for obvious reasons. He is a cat and arguments are not something a cat cared to trouble himself over, unless it's over dinner.

Turning his attention toward the teardrop shaped bottle, Kittywampus lifted a paw and batted at it. The brownish-green liquid sloshed inside as the bottle neared the edge with a scoot.

"You should probably leave before you get hurt." The scarecrow growled. Scoot.

Frin laughed. "Oh you don't have to worry about my safety. Though I'm no alchemist, I know the difference between nortuwaf tusks and nortuwaf husks. You wouldn't believe the number of people who don't!" Scoot scoot.

"We won't tell you again, gnome. LEAVE!" The crooked nose shouted when the most interesting thing occurred. The tear-drop shaped bottle leapt from the shelf's edge, swan diving beautifully in the air before shattering majestically into hundreds of shimmering pieces on the floor. If a cat could be impressed, Kittywampus would surely be.


Kittywampus immediately froze and looked up. Old Apothecary Herdenstone was giving him such a glare but instead of just one pair of eyes, three others were now locked on. Kittywampus resorted to the only defense that he knew of-- flopping down on his side and looking as cute as he possibly could. But cuteness alone could not defeat the hungry eyes now staring at the medallion around his neck. Lusting for it which made Kittywampus second guess knocking over the teardrop shaped bottle.

Goblin Song (Pantheon)
March 4, 2014 - 4:30 PM by Keeper Rapha

A strange creature enters into the halls of the Lore Library. His appearance is not completely unknown to the patrons of The Athenaeum, but his presence is. With a mischievous snicker, he checks his supplies and begins his search for just the right place to suit his plans. Staying hidden amongst the multitude of shelving proves none too difficult for the gangly monster. Turning a corner, he sees just for what he has been searching. This wing appears newer than the others...almost like a blank canvas ready to be made into a masterpiece. With a snarly laugh, he begins to unpack his supplies as he is more than happy to oblige the needs of the canvas.